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Carriage of goods subject to monitoring (SENT)


Carriage of goods subject to monitoring (SENT)

Our vehicles are monitored by the SENT register.

Need to transport dried tobacco, alcohol or liquid fuels safely and legally? 

The transport of sensitive goods must be carried out under the supervision of the Electronic Transport Supervision System. Our company is registered on the PUESC platform and has the necessary knowledge and experience to ensure that your every transport takes place in compliance with current customs and tax regulations.

Your company logistics can be green from now on.

Take care of the planet with us.

By covering a distance of


We spare our planet

kg CO2

By generating electricity from the sun with a capacity of


Your transport under full control

Your transport under full control

The SENT standard is a new directive that many transport companies are still struggling to implement. The system must be based on reliable technology. There are high penalties for interruptions in data transmission. We have equipped our vehicles with reliable, certified equipment to guarantee the safety and legality of the transports. 

What sets us apart is our uncompromising quality.

We can collect and deliver sensitive goods throughout Europe.

We also advise and assist with the completion of documentation and all formalities related to this type of transport. All our customers can check where their goods are at any time. 

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reliability of supply.


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